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First Sunday of October and I'm loving it... I was so excited to share my new looks with all of you and there is SO much more to come so stay tuned! This week's #sundayspotlight is with someone I have known for a very long time! I was a flower girl in her wedding believe it or not. She has so much experience and I thought she would have a great perspective on different topics and she totally did. Enjoy and keep an eye out for new pieces coming soon!

You have had a lot of experience in different aspects of business, do you feel one taught you more than the others? Yes I have experience in many different work settings.  I have worked at both large and small companies as well as ran my own business.  I have been a contract employee, a full time employee, a part time employee and self employed.  Each one built on the next to give me a broad range of knowledge that I feel has helped me understand different people's perspectives and a variety of motivators and deterrents in business settings.  You never stop learning though so I just keep trying new things and adding more to the knowledge bucket so I continue to grow personally and professionally.

 How did you adjust going from the corporate world to jobs that gave you a bit more flexibility? It's funny because years ago I left the corporate world completely for the flexibility of running my own business on my own time in the direct sales industry.  Now, I am back working for a company that helps others to have that flexibility.  My employer is amazing and very much on trend with the times.  They allow us to work non-traditional hours just like our sales force.  I think we are going to see more of this happening as technology has opened up so many more opportunities for people to get their job done by a deadline rather than getting their job done in an 8 hour day.  I honestly don't think I could ever go back to punching a clock.  Personally I think so much more is accomplished when you empower people to work when they are personally at their best and you give them the opportunity to make that decision rather than making it for them.  

 As a busy mom of three, how do you balance that and a career? When I was 30 I thought I could balance.  After 40 I realized that for me, it is not about balance.  It is about choices.  I have to choose what things are most important to me now - and they will change as our lives change.  I have to choose those things and I have to accept that the choices I make are the right ones for our family and that other families make different choices that are right for their families.  I cannot compare because we live with different values and different obstacles and different passions.  So I do not allow myself to think I failed as a mom because I didn't make an adorable dessert for the Valentine school party.  I choose to feel successful at Halloween because I make the best Halloween Creepy dinner out there for my kids.  It's about choices and perspective.  ;-)  I also know that when I am happy, my whole family runs smoother - so I have to put 'me time' on the calendar.  I never used to do that thinking it was selfish or indulgent.  Now I realize that not only do I need to do this, that is ok for me to admit it!

 You recently started a healthy lifestyle blog, what motivated you to do that and how did you want to help other women? Two years ago I realized that I was at my worst from a health perspective.  I was not taking care of myself at all.  Probably had a touch of depression as I passed the 'middle age' marker.  But then something clicked for me as I was trying to decided what I wanted to be when I grow up.  I decided to start blogging because I actually really enjoy writing.  I feel good when I write so it was a nice outlet for me.  I have not been very active in the last six months because of some other choices I have made.  The blog was a way for me to share the changes I was making in my life and help other women see that if I could do it, anyone could.  Why?  Because I am just like every other women out there and it takes no super powers to make different choices.  I blog randomly about weight, exercise, travel, kids.....One day I will get back to it and put full effort into it but for now it's out there for the sporadic day when I am highly inspired and want to share something. |

Pretty inspirational, am I right? 

LOVE YOU ALL! Your support has been phenomenal! 

-Rach xxx | happy:chance 


  • Wonderful – both the answers that Anna gave and your questions were insightful!

    Cindy Broome
  • I love what you said about balance vs choices!! That hit home!! 😍😍😍


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