Maren Barnett

Hellllooo friends! I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday. Every Sunday I will be posting a #sundayspotlight ; a short interview with a person that I think embodies what happy:chance stands for. The first person I chose to interview is someone that I think will have a large impact on the world one day. The sweetest soul with the biggest heart, Maren Barnett. Many of you may know this but in case you don't, Maren is one of my best friends and has been very supportive through this whole journey and I was very excited to ask her questions for our first #sundayspotlight! 

What would you say is the reason you went into the career you did? I chose elementary education with a focus in language arts for a lot of reasons. Growing up I had really influential teachers and whenever I had a hard time outside of school I could always go to their classroom and feel welcome. Recently, I have been really happy that I went into my field because I have seen a lot of disparity in the education system that I want to fix. Everyone should have equal opportunity. One of the students I work with moved here from inner-city Chicago. He was telling me about how nice it is to go to sleep without hearing gunshots.... he went on to tell me that he didn't want to continue working on the puzzle he was doing because he's never finished anything. After a while we ended up finishing it and he was so proud of himself. It's so important to give kids a positive outlook and to prove to them that there is more to the world than what they have seen. 

How do you, personally, feel you can contribute to the women's empowerment movement? Having my own career and being able to support myself is definitely part of it. What I love about what I do is being able to talk to future generations of women and impact them the best I can. If they like science, they have the right to be a doctor. If they're creative, they have the right be an artist. There are endless opportunities for these kids. It is important to me to be an influence to them and really encourage them to do anything they want to do. 

How do you feel like fashion impacts your life? I love using fashion and style to express myself. Being in a school setting where there is a dress code, I am always thinking of different ways I can differentiate myself and put a personal spin on something. I don't want to feel obligated to wear a blazer and dress pants everyday. I want to be able to throw in a statement necklace or something to express myself to my colleagues and my students. 

What do you feel like is the biggest problem facing the world that we should try to fix? Inequality without a doubt. For example, last week when I was traveling I was sitting next to a Muslim woman on the plane, wearing a hijab, and the people in front of us were talking about her loud enough for her to hear and be offended. Situations like that are very disheartening. There are so many other people facing inequality in the smallest forms but these issues are so easy to fix. |

Such a great interview with a great person!

Hope you guys continue having a great Sunday and stay tuned because I have another blog post coming this week and a giveaway. 

-Rach xxx | happy:chance

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