Styling: Puffy Vests

Goooddd afternoon, friends! I hope you are all having a wonderful Friday! This week I thought I would style a piece that can sometimes get a bad rap- puffy vests. When a lot of people look at these vests they don't see them as something that could be fashion forward but instead something that is large and only meant for outdoor use. False. This post will show you 5+ ways to wear these puffy vests in a way that makes a fashion statement but will also keep you warm in the cool Michigan months we have ahead of us!

1st Look: VEST/SWEATER COMBO- This is an obvious one. But I ADORE the look of a sweater under one of these vests. It's SO cozy and can really dress up the vest which typically tends to be thought of as strictly outerwear. Both the sweater and the vest in this picture are for sale so if you wanted this exact look you can have it! It would also be adorable paired with a black chunky scarf. 


2nd Look: VEST/COWL NECK COMBO- This is a look that is similar to the first but the sweater has a cowl neck. It gives the same kind of feel I was talking about when you add a chunky scarf with the sweater. This type of neck with vests looks really good and provides a bit of extra warmth on the cooler days.

3rd Look: VEST/SHERPA COMBO- One of my FAVORITES. Two reasons. One, it's the coziest thing ever and looks adorable at tailgates, apple orchards, etc. Two,  it involves a sherpa pullover. Need I say more. The one I have on my site has done so well that I am actually planning on getting some more. They are so comfortable, easy to throw on, and are a great transition from fall to winter.  


4th Look: VEST/PULLOVER COMBO- This look is super similar to the one above but it is still important to point out. Although sherpa pullovers look adorable with vests so do any other pullovers. It adds an extra layer for warmth but gives you the ability to change up the look. As you can see the sherpa look and this one look totally different but they are serving the same purpose! Coupon code: VEST35. Never get stuck on one type of top- experiment! 

5th Look: VEST/DRESSIER SHIRT COMBO- This look is going to pertain more to fall than it is winter mainly because the winter is colder which will require more layers. However, for the fall this is great! I love pairing a dressier shirt with a puffy vest to give the illusion that you're dressed up but all while remaining comfortable and warm! With jeans and some tall boots this can easily be worn for date night, nice dinners, etc. 


6th Look: VEST/SHORT SLEEVE COMBO- This may seem strange because they contradict each other so bear with me. This could easily be done in the fall but it's much more effective as just a fashion statement alone. I really love pairing a graphic t-shirt with a vest. It's a super cute alternative to wearing a graphic t-shirt and a cardigan and for the warmer fall days you can easily wear it outside as well for some warmth! 


It's obvious that you can pair vests with virtually anything you have in your closet (flannels, sweatshirts, etc.) These are just some ideas that I think we tend to look over but are important to keep in the back of your mind! Hope you all found the coupon code ;) For $35 you can get one of these high-quality vests that is staple for every wardrobe! 

-Rach xxx | happy:chance

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