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Happy Sunday! You made it through another week! To kick off this week I was able to interview the wonderful Suzanne Krygier! She has had multiple experiences within business and has some wonderful advice on how to empower other women. I hope you all enjoy this week's #sundayspotlight!

How did you know that you wanted to go into business? Right after college graduation, I worked corporately for a construction management company. I lived in 3 states in 2 years and while I was on leave for my second child, I knew I wanted to be in business for myself. I wanted the flexibility of time freedom, the opportunity to grow, and I wanted to stay home with my kids while I did it. So my WHY was pretty big.

Of all of the businesses you’ve had/been apart of, what one have you learned the most from? Hands down, Network Marketing. This type of business structure has afforded me opportunities to grow in ways I never would've been able to traditionally. My favorite part is the team environment and personal development. I have never seen another industry so hyper-focused on developing each individual person as much as this industry. Network Marketing gives you the ability to grow an amazing business across the globe and help others do the same! There is nothing more satisfying then helping people goal set, work toward those goals and celebrate their successes both personally and professionally.  

 What do you do on a daily basis to keep yourself motivated? I have a morning routine. I wake up each morning before anyone needs me. I read for fifteen minutes, write my daily mantras and 3 things I'm grateful for that day. I use my planner for more than just appointments--I use it to 'plan' my days, many times by the hour. I love the saying, 'Plan tomorrow before tomorrow comes.' The last thing I do is I look at my Vision Board and speak out everything on it! I truly believe that speaking to what your future goals are has power!   

How do you encourage other women to be the best version of themselves? I am a HUGE advocate of showering people with sincere compliments. I go out of my way, daily, to find something to compliment someone on, especially in public. I believe there are too many people out there who rarely hear a compliment.  It's something that I think anyone can do..and when you do it for a random stranger, I do believe you've made a difference for her that day. For women on my team, I love helping them set realistic goals, and help them make a plan to execute those goals.  And I'm a big believer in allowing yourself to relish in the little successes!  For a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM), sometimes that means, getting dressed daily and putting makeup on! That should be celebrated if that's a goal! Start small, but always have that bigger vision in mind! Helping women celebrate those little successes that seem insignificant to others, gives them excitement and confidence to set another goal! And lastly, reminding women to STOP comparing themselves to others. We are all uniquely made. There can never be another you, and you owe it to yourself, your kids, your spouse, and your friends to be the best version of 'you'.  That's it! Comparison is the thief of joy and when a person can stop the comparison mind game, they are happier and more content. They love themselves.  And people can see that. When a person can be who they are, and stop comparing themselves to the 'skinnier, prettier, happier, more successful women'--They will find such a sense of relief and happiness themselves, and will enjoy life so much more. When I see that happening with someone, I feel like it becomes my 'job' to get them to flip that switch! I love helping people get out of that rut!! |

HOWWW incredible, you guys. Grateful she was willing to answer my questions and I know I learned a lot from her responses and I hope you all take something away from this as well. 

Have a great week and stay tuned for some new products that will be up this week! 

-Rach xxx | happy:chance

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